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About Our Practice

Drs. Schneider, Rosen, and Bush have had a professional relationship for more than 20 years, dating to 1980 when Dr. Schneider was an Emergency Room attending and Drs. Rosen and Bush were completing their residency.

SRB Associates is a collaboration of three independent primary care practices under one roof. This permits the physicians to collaborate and pool their experience when needed, but each doctor is able to maintain their individual practice style.

As experienced board certified physicians who specialize in Internal Medicine and Primary Care, the doctors are dedicated to excellence in medicine. They have a broad knowledge, not only of medicine, but also of the technology and specialty options for both diagnosis and treatment. As they have nearly 70 years of cumulative practice in New York City they have developed strong professional relationships with a large number of specialists at many of the finest institutions in the city.

They are dedicated to practicing the increasingly complex art of Primary Care Medicine; which requires a broad knowledge of many areas of medicine, attention to detail, an ability to work with physicians of other specialties, and most importantly: a respectful and caring relationship with each individual patient.